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Who Needs to know about these Finance facts ?

Who Needs to know about these Finance facts

CA/CFA/CPA Aspirants

Who are in the stage of academic, learning the 365 program can enhance your knowledge

Commerce Students

Students from commerce can benefit from the 365 program through continuous learning

Tech student

Students from tech can learn about everything from basic to pro in 365 days


Anyone who wants to explore the field of finance

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"The course is well structured and complete. Definitely suggested to novice in the industry, as well as to anyone who wants to learn Finance from core. strongly Recommended."
Chartered Public Accountant (CPA)
Kunal Verma
Data Analyst
"The course was really great and helpful. the best part was the way it was structured and organized, the course just became my habit coz of the regular mail at 10am. learned a lot and still learning, thanks procapitas"
Abhishek Shukla
Financial Risk Manager (FRM)
"Completed 365 days with you people today, really want to thank you guys for all the efforts you put. Not good at giving those big reviews all I want to say is that I learned a lot through this program and I still want to learn more."
Arpit Saxena
Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
"This really was a great idea to get daily finance updates on profile and on the mail as well, made me habitual to learning not just in finance but it also helped me to develop a regular learning habit and kept me updated throughout the year.....everything was good but I think there should also be a specific section for the intraday updates only."
Ayush Singhal
Marketing Executive
"Great work guys, really appreciate all the efforts you people put into this programme, it was worth both time and money. Honestly, I don't usually invest in these programmes but the price was low and it was quite compatible with my timings too, also the email thing was great, thanks."
Yugansh Arora
Credit Analyst.
"I don't usually write this while reviewing services but I've got to say - totally satisfied, it has just been around 10 days since I took this service and I really am looking forward to learn more. Sometimes I wish I could get all of your updates at once. Great program thanks"
Nikhil Gupta
Personal Financial Planners and Advisors.

Meet Shubham Agarwal

CFA & MBA from Cambridge University

Shubham Agarwal
I'm the Co-Founder of Procapitas !!!

Shubham Agarwal

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Ca Saksham Agarwal

CA Saksham Agarwal

CA Saksham Agarwal has been the key mentor throughout the finance 365 journey. His strong practical and academic experience is reflected across the course.

Parth chowdhary

Parth Chowdhary

Being in the financial market over 10 years, Parth has capitialize his expertise in technical analysis to deliver finest quality content through finance 365.

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